What do I have in my bag?

I know a few photography enthusiasts would like to know what I have and use, so here is a list of most of my stuff.

My main cameras are a Canon 6D Mark II and Canon EOS R mirrorless.

Other equipment include:

Prime- Canon 50mm, f1.8

Standard- Canon Ultrasonic 24-105mm, f4

Wide- Zomei 0.45x wide angle converter (10.8-47.3mm)

Wide- Rokinon 14mm, f2.8

Zoom- Canon 75-300mm, f4-5.6

Zoom- Opteka 420-1600 telephoto

Macro- Vivatar 1x, 2x, 4x, 10x converters

Macro- extension tubes, Canon macro 100mm, and Raynox macroscoptic M-250

Filters: UV, ND 4, ND 100,000, CPL

Speedlite EL-100

Nisi Macro Focusing Rail

My backup camera is a Sony DSLR Alpha300 with the following lenses:

Sony 50mm f1.8 DT SAM, alpha mount A.F.

Tamron 200-500mm f6.9 M.F.

Minolta AF zoom, 70-210mm

Minolta AF zoom, 35-70mm

Vivitar Series 1, MZ 5000, 650-1300mm

Of course, this doesn't include any studio equipment or supplies (lighting, tripods, backgrounds, furniture, misc stuff, etc)

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