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Covering western NY, including Batavia, Rochester, Buffalo, and surrounding areas.

Something Different

Looking for a photography session that isn't the usual "pose and smile" type? Want to have fun and do something different? Have you dreamed about going to Wizarding School, or explore a new fantasy world where there might be dragons? I can make that happen too! I just love dressing up for themed events and parties, and taking pictures is the best part! Bring your fancy cloths or a cool outfit you just bought, we'll have a blast during your session.

Other not-as-common photography passions are architecture, vehicles, and animals. Abandoned homes and barns are so fascinating to look at and explore, and restored cars and trucks at car shows are beautiful to admire. And don't forget pets and wild animals! Humans have such a love for pets, and the bond can be so strong. Why not honor your favorite pet with a photo shoot together?

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fun pet photography
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